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Presentations C


19th Sept: Cloud computing (Valérian, Jérémy) – videotext

26th Sept: Big data (Chaimaâ, Thomas) – videotext

3rd Oct: Smartcity (Claire, Lorik) – videotext

10th: Self-learning (Alexandre, Didier, Rayan) – video text

17th: No SQL database (Gabriel) – videotext

31st Oct: Mobile development (Fabien) – videotext

7th Nov: The right to be forgotten (Sunny, Guillaume) – videotext

14th Nov: Team work (Maxime Martinez, Mathieu) – videotext
Big data (Tim, Chloé) – textevideo

21st Nov: Android (Tom, Maxime Guegnon) – video text
Geolocation (Abdelnour, Olivier) – videotext

28th Nov: Webinar from 4 to 5.30 pm with Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto (isep)