Criteria for a presentation

Here is a list of 20 factors reaching far beyond language that affect the way your presentation is perceived.

  • Are you dressed in a neutral, professional way?
  • How well can we hear your voice? (train projecting your voice)
  • How easy were you to understand? (pronounciation, rythm)
  • Have you used interesting documents that you showed us?
  • Was your English correct or at least understandable? (syntax, expressions, neutral elevated language)
  • Opening words: did you present who you are and what you will be talking about?
  • Did you catch our attention before starting, using sentences like « can I have your attention, please »?
  • Context: did you present the environment?
  • Purpose : did you present the issues at stake?
  • Have you used the technical terms in your field?
  • Have you defined the new terms and the concepts used?
  • Are you monitoring if the audience understands you? (make eye contact, check if you have been clear)
  • Have you involved the audience in your presentation ? (questions, ice breaker, poll)
  • Is your speech easy to follow (does it tell a story , explain a process, etc.)
  • Have you concluded in a clear way? (wording, tone of your voice, and attitude)
  • Did you make me (as a regular member of the audience) feel comfortable during your presentation?
  • Have you answered questions from the audience in a satisfactory way?
  • Have you linked to interesting sites, books or speakers?
  • Have people in the audience learned interesting facts or does your presentation open new horizons, raise other issues?
  • Did you captivate the audience in one way or another?

You will be evaluated on all these criteria (20 marks each), so your final grade will be obtained by dividing the total obtained (400 at the most) by 20.

You must spend time preparing this 20 minutes presentation. Probably a good 10 hours. This is why  your links to a video and to a text (that will help you build your presentation) were due so much in advance.

We have already watched examples of good presentations (learning a language, thought leader, or even ). Here are a few tips on how to get ready to speak in public.