TC 2nd semester presentations

Group A

1st February
Mathieu LLEU – The Amazon business model:  text video
Albe POTONNIEE – The Olympic games:   textvideo

15th February
Raphaël LASSUS – The NBA business model:  textvideo
Orane FLORINDA – The Madoff affair:  textvideo

15th March
Yacine BENHAMAMOUCHE – Brands and sport:  textvideo
Marie-Sarah JESTIN – The sharing economy:  textvideo
Célia RAVENET – Selling over the Internet:  textvideo
Alexandre MARROT – The car industry:  textvideo

22nd March
Yann ALONSO – The video games market:  textvideo

29th March
Amélie BOUVET – Tax heavens:  textvideo
Océane REYMOND – the fragrance industry:  textvideo
Cyrielle KARAOUI – New fashion designers:  textvideo
Alisson LUCAS – Shop-in-shop:  textvideo
Amina ZAHI – ASOS:  text1 | text2video

Group B

8th February
Fiona BELASRI – Mobile Money:  textvideo

22nd February
Eveline MENDES VARELA – AirBnB: textvideo
Camille MILESI – The bitcoins:  textvideo

12th March
Anne-Charlotte DEMEDE – the film industry: textvideo
Morgan MAILFERT – Uber:  textvideo

15th March
Anaïs THEVENIN – the Worldcup: sponsors, communication, etc.:  textvideo

22nd March
Marie GUIEN – Couchsurfing, woofing, etc.:  textvideo
Clara ALFONSI – Illicit trade:  textvideo
Pierre PRATI – Elon Musk (Tesla, etc.):  textvideo
Habiba BARKA – Apple:  textvideo

29th March
Elena EGEA – the shipping industry:  textvideo
Margot MALARD – Crowdfunding:  textvideo
Gaëlle RANASY – The video games industrytextvideo
Florian ACERBO – Google:  textvideo