Making a 5 minute presentation

When making a 5 minute presentation:

  • Introduce yourself, greet us, and present the topic
  • Answer the basic questions: what is it about, where does it take place, why, when, how…
  • Don’t start before everyone is listening to you (use the appropriate sentences to get people’s attention)

Your presentation should also have the following qualities:

  • Your voice must be heard even from the back of the classroom
  • The English must be understood by a native English speaker
  • You shouldn’t read your notes (print them in large font size, something like 24, and highlight the keywords)
  • Train to pronounce your speech it with a friend to make it proficient
  • Use technical terms (and explain them when necessary)
  • Use some interesting expressions

Also, to make it lively:

  • You may ask us a question
  • Try to think of something that might catch our attention
  • Show us a printed picture or an object that we can touch